Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today is the first time I try making a blog in this site. It may be more difficult and complicated than I thought. It made me confused a little bit when starting. But I hope that we can get used to it day by day ^^

In fact, my English writing is not good, and I cannot prevent myself from making foolish mistakes while writing. So I don't really expect to get the midterm mark by this way, writing blog in English everyday :((

But deep down inside, I see that I can't run and I can't hide, so I must face it :))

So let me start by introducing my group. We named this blog " Flying kites " and it obviously has its own meaning. The Kites symbolize our Dreams, and we will try our best to let our kites fly high to the Sky ^^

There are 4 students in our group: Le Khoa, Nha Trang, Thanh Hien and me_Thanh Phuong. Khoa and I have our own 360 blogs so if you have time, welcome to visit us ^^

My blog add is
Khoa's blog add is

I will check for Hien's and Trang's later :">

Time's up for advertising. Bibi everyone. See you soon :D

Written by _. Bee ._


F5 said...

Wish ur kites fly high up to the sky ^^

Happy Family said...

Nice photo,Miss Mo.I see your photo and guess that your group have the contrast and the balance. Because you see, "2 in red and 2 in white"==> "contrast but balance"
good job! I'm not good at writing too. But we have to work hard or we won't have good grade.

Nguyễn Thanh Bình said...

Nice photo! Always take it easy and start your presentation from now on! Good luck!