Monday, March 17, 2008

Pics from GiangDien trip

You can read more details and pictures of the trip from VivaVN's blog. Today I just add some more pictures that I have from our unforgetable trip ^^ You can feel free to save any of them if you like :D

On that day, there are 21 students, a half of whom are from our class 1C [ English Department of UP ] and the rest are from International Relations [ USSH ] ^^

We all look funny and active hah :D

Taking pic when waiting to enter ^^

Famous people are here >:)

3 pretty mermaids >:)

Art of falling [ tạm dịch: ngã có nghệ thuật :)) ]

Get wet after a long way conquering the Nature >:)

Naughty girls :p

There are 2 Tarzan in the middle of the forest :D

Watching Slideshow of 1C [ NhuAnh's laptop ] ^^

Grinning =))

I don't really remember what is happening in this pic :p Maybe we are playing role >:)

Girls vs. Flowers ^^

Bí and Phó, together ^^

An and Bí, togerther ^^

Miss funny Quỳnh ^^

Happy trip ^^ Hope that we will have more unforgetable trips like this, be together :-*

Love 1C so :x muahhhhh :-*

_. bee ._


Nguyễn Thanh Bình said...

It could not be more amazing to see these lovely photos, to be frank. Hopefully, you all are trying your best to make the class a good place to study, and to love...

Viva Vietnam said...

Great pictures taken by ME (he he he)

Happy Family said...

you are so cute and beautiful !!!!!

Viva Vietnam said...

great trips, I hope we'll go more often

theRoof said...

:) pics r so beautiful [of course,u r beautiful girls :D].Ur blog is attractive n well-arranged, posts r interesting n funny, U all must be very active n attractive, rite? ;)) |♫|uhm... a little bit 'bout /me: Im from theHat group [1BPDA.07] Im theRoof, 9 2 meet u here a.w.a in our group's blog. Thank u 4 ur comment in our blog!
P/s: I have a friend [from USSH], she dressed the red coat n wore white hat [u can see her in the first pic ^^, she is lovely rite ? [u r lovely too!].

F5 said...

Oh, our class are so lovely. I wish I had been there with you guys. However, I think I won't miss any picnic like this again any more :D. Love 1C very much !!!
[1st Ho* of Yen Nhu]