Monday, April 14, 2008

Ending conversation

You make phone calls every day, at least one call a day? You start your calls with 'Hi, How are you?
' ?... But how about the way to end your phone conversations?

I would like to tell you some functions used in this situation :

+ If you made the call, repeat why you called with I just wanted to...
I just wanted to call and hear your voice :D

+ If the other person called, thank him/her for calling:
I'm really glad you called.

+ Say you have to go because something is happening:
I'd better go.
There's someone at the door.

+ If you expect to speak to or see the person again, mention when:
Ok, I'll call you again next week.
Ok, see you on Thursday.

+ At the very end of the conversation, use an expression for goodbye:
See you later.

Here are some ways to end a telephone conversation. I hope they can help you avoid the sentence Hey, I have to stop here, my phone account is running out [ of course, we are students ^^ ].

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F5 said...

I find these language functions helpful. Now, I know how to end a phone conversation. Thanks for your posting.[Yen Nhu-F51C]

Trang said...

That's great! Sometimes when we are talking, we can't stop the phone conversation because ...I don't know the way to end. And that is the reason why we' re short of money by phoning.

Maybe this is wonderful for our conversation. Thanks a lot.

I will try to apply if for my own phone converstion. And, let's wait for the result from me :)

3snakesand1cat said...

I think your information is very useful for me in order not to pay much money for telephone.hihihi^^
I'll try to remmember and take up...

Friend said...

Yes, I agree with you in "Hey, I have to stop here, my phone account is running out" (Smile)
Your entry help me know how to end a phone call politely.
in summary, it's useful.
And ...... your group is lovely (Smile)

Viva Vietnam said...

Interesting and useful, I think that although there are many people using telephones everyday, many of them don't know how to make a good end. Your entry provides a variety of choices. Thanks. _ Violence

PS: plz visit us at and share your opinions with us . ^^ Cheer ^^

Amaranth.[SG] said...

"It's nice talking to you." is the best signal ever to suggest an end to any kind of conversation. (^.-)

Chuột said...

Hohoh , as I know 'bout me , I never wanna stop everytime someone calls me :"> But , of course , when I've got to call one , I'll try to stop as soon as possible :-s :"> Thanks for sharing , babe :X Ur so nice and kind and appetite :)) Just kiddin' :D Have a nice day ^o^

BoRn To ShInE said...

Your journal is really useful. Now, we know how to end conversation in a subtile way.

We're sorry we can't post your photograph on our blog becase we don't have any one having all of you. Please send us your photograph soon^^