Monday, April 14, 2008

Ways to give comments or to interrupt

In our class, Mr.Binh has shown us many useful functions that we can apply. Today, our group would like to introduce some more in order that we can use to make our speaking more diversified.

1. Commenting:

If you want to give your comment, the best way you should do is acknowledging what someone has just said, and then stating your own idea. Some phrases such as:

That's interesting. I think that...
Interesting point. I would add...
Hmmm. I hadn't thought of that before.

Questions can also be a useful way of bringing new ideas into a conversation:

What do you think about...
Have you considered...
What about...

Sometimes a more direct approach is appropriate:

Can I add something here?
(Do you) mind if I interject something here?

2. Interrupting:

When someone is speaking, it's impolite if you don't know how to interrupt appropriately. Use some of these:

Excuse me,
Pardon me,
Sorry to interrupt,
May I interrupt (for a minute)?
Can I add something here?
I don't mean to intrude, but . . .
Could I inject something here?
Do you mind if I jump in here?

I hope this post can help you have more ways to express your speaking suitably.

Thanks for reading ^^


.: Nha Trang :.


Khoa said...

Picking the stamp ^^
The functions which you introduced to us are very helpful.
When giving comment, I don't remember to acknowledge what my friends have said, I always talk, talk, and talk a lot about my idea ^^ (talkative :D)
Thank you so much :X

Viva Vietnam said...

This's interesting. Although it's short, it really provides a large number of useful functions. I now can use them to "comment" more effectively. Thanks ^^.

PS: Plz visit us at and share your points of view with us . Cheer !

F.l.y.i.n.G K.i.t.e.S said...

THAT'S INTERESTING.I THINK THAT THSES FUNCTION WILL HELP ME VERY MUCH IN CONVERSATION(I'm applying function which you've just introduce hehe ^^)