Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lessons from Speaking class

It has been nearly a week since we learned the speaking lesson of how to give our own opinions, how to agree or disagree with someone :D To understand more, you can click these below links and feel free to leave comments ^^

More expresssions on stating and response an opinion

How to agree with an opinion

Giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing

Improve your Speaking skills !!!

Debating method

For me, lessons I could gain from the Speaking class last week were not only the ways how to express my own opinions but also the way how to care about every problem happening to our country or even our world.

I will not forget the feeling I had when Teacher asked me what I thought about the obesity nowadays. Frankly speaking, I had nothing to say about this problem at that time bcuz I didn't use to really care of it. What a shame :">

I myself feel that Mr.Speaking was right to say that we should care more about what was happening on the daily news and we should prepare for ourselves some fixed knowledge and some points of view to use in case we could be asked. Without doubt, being able to show exactly what you think about a problem in a debate can affirm your respectability in others' thought :D

After the last class, I think I should pay more attention to what is happening on the news or TV everyday ^^ I don't like to be thought that I am a cold person who don't care about anything around me :">

_. Bee ._


Viva Vietnam said...

picking the stamp, although you only wrote a short entry, you really remind me of a very important problem: our responsibility for the problem happening everyday to our country. I'll try to care more . Thanks ms BEE _ Mr Violence

SkyintheSeA said...

Wow ,this entry doesn't cease to amaze me from the beginning of it,not only the content you want to send to us but also the way of your writings. I cannot realize that you're the author of this entry since the last time I read yours. What can I say? It improves a lot , it really has a point in me when I read this . And I must say I really like the your changes .Come to think of it, being more sociable is always good, I used to know you as a girl who never cares anything around you and now I MUST think AGAIN .
Way to go , Bee
P.s: haha, who is Mr.Violence, don't tell me this is your new aka lolzzz

Liang said...

I have never thought that I should care a lot about what happening to our country everyday because they never affect my work. But maybe from now on, I'll spend more time reading news or watching on TV. Thanks :D

nguyen said...

I usually have a problem when I want to express my idea. I think it is one of the most common problem of everyone who study English.
wow, I wish I could have attended your class.
next week, can I go to your school and attend the speaking class?
I really want to improve my speaking but I don't have much money.
poor me!
so please give me a free English course at your school ^^

The Champ said...

Just a normal human being to be able to penetrate what exactly you wrote. As a matter of fact, what u wrote is certainly very common. But it absolutely reminds each and everyone of us for our misery. Maybe u've just done the right thing. Good job ...

BoRn To ShInE said...

uh, maybe you're right!Day by day, we just pay attention to our study at university such as how to improve our english,how to get good marks, etc...But it seems that we ignore almost everything happening around...'cause we think they don't relate to our life at all!!!Remeber that a successful person is the one who is not only good at his field, but also aware of social life.Maybe we should change our thinking!!!
Moreover, collecting info. as much as possible also help us in Speaking,such as when expressing your opinion in a debate that adapting our practical knowledge is very helpful. It makes your idea clearer and more persuasive!!!
Thanks much!!!
P.S: We've posted some new entries,so...hehe^^

F5 said...

what an impressive display! but that seems you haven't had your own entry about speaking. let's share information together about this topic. (cuc cu, remember to comment our blog. thnks much. hihi) tquynh

all4one said...

Your entry is very beautiful not only the appearance but the meaning as well. yes, we didn't care much about what happen around us & we also forgot many things that happened. thank you very much for reminding us just by such a short writing!
P.S: Would you mind visiting uor group & share your idea with our new entry?

Anonymous said...