Monday, April 21, 2008

Our experience from the Presentation with Power Point

Maybe we are the last group which has the review for the mid-term presentation last Wednesday ^^

Frankly saying, I don't intend to analyze carefully our mistakes when presenting in this entry, 'cuz I personally think that every of us can realize what we should avoid and what we should pay more attention to develop after attending the show and reading many blog entries written by other groups in our class.

I just wanna write down my own experience after doing this task, I mean, group presentation with power point.

The truth is when I heard Mr.Speaking said that one part of our midterm tests was presenting with power point, I felt a little anxious although this was not the first time I had to stand in front of the class and present with this program +__+ The reason for my anxiety is that we don't have enough time and enough chances to get together and discuss the project with each other at school, 'cuz we come to class at 6.30 and leave at 11.30; after that, almost all of us feel tired and just wanna go home for having lunch and taking a nap then. All we can do is just dividing our work logically into 4 small parts for 4 members in group. And another important reason is that not all of us has a personal computer at home. At first, our group considered this must be the main problem 'cuz doing like that, we counldn't unify our ppt file :((

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' What happened after that? What is actually the problem? Or you are making up something just to say? '

One of my friends asked me those questions above when I asked him what I should continue to write :">

Yeah, sorry for exaggerating the difficulties of our work, but they were not sth I made up myself ^^ Actually, our group had some troubles with this project at first, but they were not big problems. We all tried our best to arrange to finish it as perfectly as we could ^^

Doing this assignment not only helps us to improve our speaking skills and put aside our shyness when presenting in front of the class but also helps us to master the new technology which must be useful for our career in the future. I have to admit that I haven't done anything related to power point since I was in grade 11, so when being back to deal with this program, I had to learn again every little thing, such as how to insert a picture, or how to add animations, ect. I used to think it was so terrible to find out step by step such normal things like these, but then, it really made me feel interested :D

We find that our classmates' pictures in our powerpoint presentation is another interesting thing :D Like every other group, we were very confused about the appearance and the content of the slideshow. We also wanted it to be informative, artistic and easily comprehensible as well. And then, I realized that 4 people with 4 crazy brains is much better than just 1 person with his own brain ^^ If this had been an individual work, I would have never thought to change the lessons and their examples into such funny pictures and situations like that :"> And our group was very pleased to hear that almost of you were interested in our ppt file ^^

What's more, I am sure to say that it helps us much to work better with our teamates and to understand the potentials of each other more thoroughly. For example, I had never known that Nha Trang was such an expert in Photoshop until I saw her treat some low-quality pictures :D And I also hadn't noticed that Bi' and Hien were always fond of taking various kinds of pictures :))

In brief, this helps us a lot to become more confident in such tasks in the future ^^


All above is just our group's experience which we really want to share with you. And if you like to view our ppt file once again, you can go to this link [ ~ 20mb ] and download it. But please ask us if you want to use it for any purposes ^^ Thanks !

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Happy Family said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you in terms of the difficulties you have when preparing for the presentation.As you know,all groups in our class have the same.The main problem is that We can't organize the time for everything,Speaking,Reading, Morpho,....Then,about the facilities,we never have enough.However,despitie all difficult things we meet,we can overcome all and brightly appear at the midterm day thanks to neverending effort of each group.Also,We have learnt a lot from everything we do,haven't us.
Good luck to you !

Happy Family said...

What an interesting entry! Well, there seems to be nothing wrong writing about the difficulites you met when you made this project since it shows us how much effort and time you put into your product. Besides, you're right to claim that this presentation helped us "improve our speaking skills and put aside our shyness when presenting in front of the class and ..." and actually, I really do love your PPT show (it's was just so funny and lovely). Gud luk! T@T@

all4one said...

well, may be this entry is a bit shorter than happy family's one ^^
I agree with you, all of us have had a lot of difficulties when preparing for the performance.lately, we have had to do lots of midterm tests that have made us exhausted, and may be we have not enough time to do all of them because we still don't know how to organize our time appropriately.
so, it's time to make plan for everything, right?
PS: visit us at & share your ideas with us^^ thanks

Viva Vietnam said...

Well well well, after several days waiting restlessly for this summary entry to appear so that I can put a comment on it [this is some kinda complicated cooperation between "night owls"], finally I have the chance to do this. It's a pity that I missed the chance to "pick the stamp" as usual but... Ok let's get to the main point. First of all, I agree wholeheartedly with some other classmates that this entry is shorter than that of Happy Familly and is more comprehensible. Sencond, like the one of Happy Family, your entry show "the-outside-world" a lot of common difficulties we had to face up to during the project-making period such as the lack of equipments, time, chances ... Third, we all see from this presentation project the powerful benefits of it. In other words, although we may be the so-called "sufferers" somehow, in the end I think we are all beneficiaries. Forth, I can see you've done a good job in expanding the strength of unity. Let's say this project's chance to discover hidden aspects and abilities of your partners, right ? Finally, I admire your group for your ability to make separate photos form interesting situations.
OK, I just put some small comments on your entry and now i'm waiting for your feedbacks. cheer ^^ [Violence]

Littlequan said...

You make me look back to the very early days of my student's life. It may be the first time I've ever present something with visual aids such as Power point. It's rather hard because it takes you a lot of time search for information and typing (the most boring part) and adding some animation. However, the Power Point make your presentation more lively and lovely (hopefully it would earn you more marks). Overall presentations of this kind are very useful in our future career. You're gonna face these things again soon, so keep on with it! Good luck!

F.l.y.i.n.G K.i.t.e.S said...

MAybe this is first time we prerared for presentation such carefully.Right!First,we had difficulty in summarizing context.But then, we also found out our way and it was interesting.Hope that we will cooperate better next time ^^.Blue Kite

Viva Vietnam said...

In fact, this is an actual PPT presentation that we are really serious about( see what I mean?) Nice pictures and informative contents. That's all about your PPT. Very interesting. Really!

Amaranth.[SG] said...

This entry looks familiar to me, for some reasons