Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speaking class and the Role-play as midterm test

We had to spend all of our time to prepare not only for Reading mid-term tests but also for the role-play of Speaking. And at the end of the day, everything seemed to be comfortable and relaxed. Today was so wonderful! I could see the effort of everybody through our tests. Just several lines, but I would like to give my own opinions about what we got during speaking class.

The first thing I would like to say is that speaking class helps me to have more functions to use in practise. I have functions used to speak with the older, friends, colleages, ... I can apply them for either many formal or informal situations. Functions show me how to interrupt the speakers politely and not to make them feel insulted, or how to avoid a topic which is rather related to someone's private life cleverly.

The second is that I can feel more confident. Many role-plays is like many chances for me to practice English. In particular, I can improve my English vocabulary, my skills in solving various situations, my ability in using functions that I have just learned properly. Most students have a fear of speaking in front of the audience, and I am not the exception :) However, speaking skills, you know, are very important in world communication, especially in our future career.
Whenever our group has to perform any role-plays, I am also scared. I'm scared that I will forget all the things I was allocated to say. I'm scared that I won't say influently. Everything sometimes does not go in right way, and I'm scared that I cannot react suitably. Of course those will affect the result of our group. In speaking class, even though you're afraid, you still have to speak, or perform role-play. It gives you the chance to deal with your own fear and shyness. Through these chances, you find yourself more self-confident, more active in many activities. From my point of view, that is also the main aim of speaking class.

Besides helping you in using suitable functions and being more confident, the speaking class moreover gives you enthusiasm in what you learned, are learning, and will learn. Speaking class is interesing itself. It encourages the speaker to find the best way to express her/his ideas so that you can improve your grammar and pronounciation. Speaking with influence, confidence, good grammar and an important thing - good pronunciation is always the dream of many people when enrolling speaking class. Due to speaking class, you spend more time to prepair for the lesson, for the presentation, for roleplays. Unintentionally, you prepare for your pronunciation as much as the grammar so that everybody can easily understand what you're saying. It's convenient!

For all things, you can see the effectiveness of speaking. Hope that you and I will try to reach its last goal!

* * *

Now, our group have some opinions about the roleplays, which were hold today and were also our mid term test, to share with you

I could see very clearly that all of you tried your best to act, and your performances were actuall exciting. They made us so suprised.

F5 had an interesting situation which related much to our day life. It was funny and easy to understand, and it also included various functions. One more thing, we really appreciate the show of Quynh, the mother-in-laws. She gave us an excellent performance.

The situation of Happy Family was quite good. They used many different functions. But there is one weak point: They all just stand in one fixed place so sometimes it made the audience a little bit bored while watching.

Vivavietnam has a good scenario, but at the end of the perfomance, their voices became a little bit lower so the audience found it hard to follow.

3 snakes and 1 cat also made interesting situation. They expressed their emotion very well. One more thing, the pronunciation of some members was extremely wonderful!

The robbery bank of All4one seemed to lead us to a real robbery. Although some of your members had some mistakes in pronunciation, it still made us feel enjoyable. But in our own opinion, it might have been more surprising and interesting if you had let the police be the robber's accomplice ^^ hehe
And the last group, Born to Shine, I'm sure that all of you were born to shine ^^ can see very clearly that everyone in your group prepared carefully for this roleplay, and you acted sucessfully.

All things above are just our own opinions. If you want, share your ideas with us by your comments. Thanks ^^

_. Nha Trang ._
[ editted a little by Bee hihi ]


Viva Vietnam said...

Well, I really appreciate your work. Without careful attention to all other groups, such comments wouldn't be made. I agree with you that role-play plays an important part in training our speaking skills. And although in this midterm test, we all still showed some weak points, in my opinion, we have all crossed a lot of obstacles. In brief, some obstacles have been passed and we now can think of other tests in the future. hope that we'll all get good results.

PS: I think you should also give comments on your group yourself. Don't think that the other group will consider it as unfair judgement. It's also an experience and a lesson you got from this test. ^^ Cheers ^^ [Violence]

3snakesand1cat said...

thanks for your comment about our group. hope we all are friend forever^^....

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