Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She only flies at night

This blog is not a Speaking journal anymore so I think that I can post anything I like here ^^ And thing I really wanna share with you, my dear fellows, is music :D

Today, one of my friends in high school sent me this song, an instrumental song, which kind of music I don't often listen to :) But I swear that this one is really great. Although it doesn't have lyric, it still can make us feel .. ah I don't know how to say, but I cannot get its melody out of my head :p

If you like it, let me know ok :D Teacher won't come back here anymore so don't worry 'bout your English, haha, commenting in Vietnamese is still welcome =))

Ps: Ah I don't set AutoPlay so if you want to listen, you need to click Play and it will start ^^


Viva Vietnam said...

Ho ho, I can see this song is kinda good although I am not very interested in this kinda music. And because I entered and read your entry, I left a comment here ^__^: Picking the stamp

bee said...

oh thank you so much :D I was very surprised to see you here cuz i had thought that no one would come back ^^

it's great you like this song :D