Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet remembrance of you _ William Joseph

Sweet Remembrance of You

I vow never to forget you
Still in waking dreams you’re there
I am only a dreamer alone
But soon with me you’ll be

Dreams of tenderness and soft rain
Sweeping through the fields of gold
Now I must remain with these thoughts
Without you in them all

Walking on a path through deep bitter grass
Shadows wake and pause
And though I find my way
Into the deeper day
I cannot find you

I love you so and I miss you
As the dreamers miss the sun
And gently into the night I go
To be raised by your heart

And now I know that you are not alone there
And I won’t give up your dreams
Carry on I must to endless shores
To sail past the end

And now I cannot find
A single piece of mind
To rest my blue heart
And those you left behind
Are not all safe and sound
In soul, In heart

I will tell them not to grieve you
Because death is just a dream

This is a great song, really. It touches my heart.

I found the lyric above on the internet, from this link. Although this lyric does not really belong to this song, it seems to be really fit.

William Joseph is so manly, isn't he ? :"> :"> :">

Sweet Remembrance Of You - William Joseph

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